Become a Host

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Tourists love to connect with locals and experience true Slovenia.
Are you ready to help tourists visiting Slovenia have an amazing experience in Slovenia?
At hiLuka, we help connect passionate Slovenes and local businesses with tourists visiting Slovenia. We think you make an wonderful host.

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Help tourists experience Slovenia.

Earn money by doing what you love. hiLuka makes it simple, easy, and safe for you to list your experience on the web and earn money.
Show Slovenia to travelers, help organize a team building, take people fishing, go on a hike with a cool bunch. Offer an experience or an activity today by becoming a host.

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List experiences or various activities that you can offer.

You set your own prices and have full control of your calendar. Decide when its best for you and work around your availability.
There are no hidden fees, because we charge a small service fee to tourists and guests to keep hiLuka running.
Become a host today absolutely free and start earning money.